Thursday, 11 October 2012

i love UM ?

my answer for the question above is. yeah , i do.
its really hard here, for being alone as i'm the only person who r under physics department in my college. :( 
but, on the other hand, seriously. i love to be one of "siswazah UM"

the main reason why i start to love UM is because i like the environment.
currently, i'm in the main library of university malaya.
i always come here on my gap time although it is 5 hours gap :p
yelah, nak balik pon buat ape kan. buat tension jer tgok keadaan bilik. kah2.

stay in the college,awwwww, i got friends which also stay next to my room,kak yana,kak don,dyan,khai,shy,shera,teha, kak ekin, we r really close together memandangkan time haluansiswa(orentasi) dulu kitorang satu group. 1st group. kira bijak jugaklah PM kk8 because they built groups base on floor.means, satu group, bilik sebelah2 la. almost every night we use to dinner together like a family :) .
but, honestly i don't like to be in my room.kemonlah, bilik kat kk8 tu, kecik sangat lorh ! rimas giler. sempit. 

hummm, but believe, everything will have pros n cons. n what Allah give us, are the best ever , insyaAllah.
end :)


  1. Chill beb, u strong enough to face anything. sure. :D

  2. i love UM too :D